We live in a place where the sea and nature soothe our longings and inspire our everyday lives – we live in the true happiness that comes with freedom.

If you’ve never been to Amrum, you are sure to be delighted by our biggest attraction: the Kniepsand, a beach of fine sand, twelve kilometers long and two kilometers wide in parts. It is one of the largest in all of Europe, stretching almost as far as the horizon and filling our natural dune area with mountains of sand towering upwards of 30 meters.

Come let the happiness of being free all around the dunes lift you up!


There is nothing more beautiful than walking through the mudflats and dunes in the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by the call of seagulls. Or climbing the island’s red-and-white striped landmark, the highest lighthouse on Schleswig-Holstein’s western coast at 42 meters, and then being rewarded with the view of all of Amrum, the neighboring islands of Sylt and Föhr, the Hallig Islands, and the North Sea.

Close by the hotel you will find the Iron Age house, which offers an interesting glimpse into what life was like 2,000 years ago, or the Norddorf Nature Center, which features stories about the island’s flora and fauna and the Amrum sailor who rose from slave to minister of an Algerian sheikh. You can find even more suggestions for outings here:

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