Feinheimisch - enjoyment of Schleswig-Holstein eV

With our special cuisine and the high quality demands on ourselves, we have the "fine Domestic" join us. 

The association Feinheimisch has already made ​​a name beyond the borders of Schleswig-Holstein also.

It is home to companies that priority use products from the region and appreciation of individual goods:

FEINHEIMISCH is a network of agricultural producers and manufacturers, chefs and restaurateurs, private members and commercial sponsors.

FEINHEIMISCH stands for fresh, quality food without additives from Schleswig-Holstein and use in restaurants and private homes.

FINEHEIMISCH producers produce responsibly, environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

FINEHEIMISCH farmers keep their animals humanely. Both promote the varieties in the region and in the country.

FINEHEIMISCH chefs preserve the Schleswig-Holstein cuisine and develop them carefully.Avoiding food and energy waste and forego industrial finished products.

FEINHEIMISCH members convey a conscious approach to food and contribute to the culinary education of children and adults as well as their eating and cooking culture with.

FEINHEIMISCH is also good for Schleswig-Holstein, because its members contributing to better quality and diversity in food supply and more confidence in local products, ingredients and their processing. By eliminating chemical fertilization and genetic engineering, short transport routes and conscious use of (limited) resources saving fine local members valuable energy and protect the environment. For domestic producers creates addition FEINHEIMISCH markets in the country and about and thus secures jobs.

Not to mention increase FEINHEIMISCH the attractiveness of the food offered in restaurants - for locals as well as for guests - and represents the quality of Schleswig-Holstein and its regions in the region, nationally, nationwide and internationally.