Slow Food

Slow Food (eng slow - slowly. Food - eating) is a term coined by a same organization as an expression for delicious, conscious and regional food.


They called a counter-movement to the trend of the uniform, globalized and enjoyable free fast food.

The originally from Italy movement strives for the preservation of regional cuisine using local plant and animal products and their local production. The founder and international chairman Carlo Petrini defined in 2006 the basic concepts of "new gastronomy" as a benchmark: Buono, pulito e giusto - good, clean and fair. If one element missing, which was not according to Slow Food Petrini.

According to the publicist Matthias Horx's "Slow Food" one of 18 trends that will affect the lives of tomorrow in the field of nutrition. Slow Food stands (regional, seasonal), which are prepared and enjoyed in the traditional or original way in this regard, for products with authentic character. are foods grown by Slow Food criteria produced, sold or consumed, to strengthen regional economic cycles and re-bind people with the eyes, ears, mouth and hands to their region.