Your journey to Amrum

With cars and boats

Those who come by car, take the A23 from Hamburg that travels to Dagebüll. There you have the possibility to park your car in paid parking.

Who wants to bring their car to the island, should book in advance by calling 01805-080140 at the WDR or visit or a parking space.

To schedule the WDR

From Strucklahnungshörn and Westerland you can come with the MS Adler Express to Amrum
FON: 04842 - 268

To schedule the Adler Express

Without a car from Nordstrand or Sylt from March to October

By train and ship

By train you go to the destination station Dagebüll. From there, take the ferry to the island.

-> Federal Railroad Tickets

-> WDR car ferry

There is the "bird free ticket" from Foehr Amrumer travel agency GmbH for download (PDF file)

By plane

By private plane or an airliner to Wyk Auf Foehr and continue with the WDR or the same from March to October from the airport / Sylt, then go to the Adler Express

Air Hamburg

Wyk airport

Sylt airport

Once on Amrum

At the port in Wittdün are taxis Fon 0171/328 72 37 and a bus, which takes you to the last stop, from there it is about 200 m from the hotel and another 200 m towards the beach. We can pick you up with our shuttle bus from the ferry. Per trip we charge € 17.

Arrival by car from the Ferry; follow the road through the towns Süddorf and Nebel. In Norddorf, you drive into the village (Lunstruat). At the first intersection, turn left into Dünemwai and drive through-until the end. Here turn right into Fleegamwai, the road to the pedestrian area (Strunwai) continues. Now you have ARRIVED!

before the pedestrian you can park your car on the car park. In the pedestrian area, about 30m to the right, there is the hotel entrance. Welcome!

DB Courier luggage

The comfortable luggage service train is available from any station in Germany, but only in conjunction with a valid train ticket. For your luggage ticket, please contact your DB point of sale, where you can arrange the pick-up times. Delivery is made after three working days.

courier luggage