“Nine-tenths of our happiness depends on our health alone.” – philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer knew this to be true.

And we are sure that the rest can be found on Amrum. For those who like to walk on the beach, sit in a beach chair watching the sea, or dance on the mudflats, we have plenty of space on the beach and on the nearby mudflats. But sauna-goers, pool swimmers, and those dreaming of peace are also in good hands in our garden, swimming pool, and wellness area.




Whether it’s your lucky stars...

...or your lucky day – you are sure to feel true happiness with our treatments.

We not only embrace nature in our hearts, we want it in our products as well. Look forward to exclusive luxury care à la carte from Annemarie Börlind natural cosmetics – and naturally also sea salt, lava stones, and more on your skin!!

Our treatments

Get moving

Get moving

Exercise increases happiness

– there’s no question about that! 

We will raise your spirits, help you become more resistant to stress, and increase your confidence in yourself – hiking on the mud flats or Nordic walking, cycling, horseback riding or surfing, sailing or doing aqua fitness!

Trails winding through dune landscapes, woodlands, and moors in pure, healthy air are right at your feet here. Plenty of opportunities to work up a nice sweat.

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Power down and enjoy
... it’s easy in our spa area!